Enhance your camera presence with a sensational coaching session

Online Consulting SERVICE

Quickly improve your camera presence with this 90-minute consultation with

International personal Image and branding Consultant Edith Chan

Who is it for?

If any of the following applies to you then Edith is here to help:

  • You want to build your personal brand to create trust, respect and authority
  • You are not sure how to apply hair and make-up on screen. (Bear in mind that video make-up is different from everyday make-up)
  • You are not sure what colour and clothing styles in your wardrobe suit you the best on screen
  • You are not sure what accessories will appropriate to wear on screen
  • You want to attract more clients and followers
  • You are an introvert, and you want to learn how should you begin to open up to do your first video online

Looking good is all about understanding what suits YOU.


How it works

Edith can help you make your camera presence more credible and trustworthy. Here’s what to expect and how it works. After you purchase the service you’ll receive an email to book a time that works for you. 

Next, you’ll get a confirmation email with the following questions to consider and answer beforehand so she can best advise you during the session;

1. What type of work do you do (related to online meetings you are in)

2. Briefly describe the types/categories of people you typically meet with. For example: Clients – age 30-70 upper middle class, prospective clients – age 40-60 who are planning retirement, co-workers, boss, etc.

3. How do you want to be perceived? List four adjectives. Here are some examples; Expert, trustworthy, creative, polished, a leader, approachable, team player, organised.

4. Describe any particular challenges or questions you have regarding your camera presence and presentation.

During the session you and Edith will assess the top four basics for a strong camera presence, then she’ll give specific style advice for how you can improve to meet your goals. With any extra time, she can share the screen for some brief online shopping / Pinterest to show examples of tops that will suit you well considering your goals and audience.

Contact Edith and let’s make sure you are showing up wonderfully to the world!

  Send Edith a message to set up a complimentary consultation to discuss options, service and price detail

What clients said after experiencing THE services

Edith, you always inspire me! I got various useful tips from your seminar. I’m getting better at selecting clothes and accessories and knowing what is suitable to me. Now I have confidence in myself and I’m sure that I’ll be back soon!