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Online Colour Analysis
Online Colour Analysis


Online Colour Analysis – Colour can have a huge impact on how we look, how we feel and how others perceive us.

When we get it right, it transforms our look.

Online Colour Analysis

How it works

After Edith has got to know you a little better (by email and phone), she will ask you to forward photographs of yourself. These images need to be taken fairly close up and in good daylight.

She may suggest that for the photographs, you wear something that you believe compliments your colouring. Having an additional two or three tops/blouses/knitwear on hand could also be beneficial – maybe select a couple of items you love wearing, and one or two garments that are your least favourite shades or indeed, have never been worn.

You will be asked to start the online colour analysis consultation ‘make-up free’, so that the consultant is able to see your natural colouring.

Have your make-up bag on hand though as you may be asked to apply a few of your favourite shades (providing they suit you, of course) during the session.

After a detailed explanation of the colour system, and an in-depth look and discussion regarding your colouring, Edith will select the most appropriate palette of colours from one of six dominant colouring types (Light, Deep, Cool, Warm, Muted and Clear). Most importantly, you will see the current seasons’ shades and be shown how to mix and match them with the colours you already have.



No matter if you have had your colours done before or if you are new to the colour analysis. This online colour analysis consultation will discover your best colour for your makeup, hair, clothing and accessories.

Duration: 90 minutes online Zoom video meeting – Includes: Your Personal Online Colour Analysis Report

During this 90 mins online analysis consultation, your most flattering cosmetic shades will be applied, and you will be shown your complete range of colours!


Send Edith a message to set up a free consultation to discuss option, price and service.

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What clients said after experiencing Edith’s services

Rita Aria
After round of consultation, i understood some colors, fabrics and style needed that to addressed my body shape and skin tone. In my wardrobe some color I never thought it could help me looks great. It completely changed my old concept when there’s the option to purchase clothing/costumes. I see a more beautiful world! Thank you for inspire me.

Rita Aria

IT Support Analyst