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Colour Review

 Bespoke Colour Refresh

Noticed a shift in your skin tone since your last colour consultation? It’s the perfect moment to update your colour profile and uncover the shades that now best flatter your natural beauty.

Colour Review : Our consultants can offer you a re-assessment of your colours – priced from 150 euros per person.

This bespoke service includes:

  • Make-Up Application: Edith will highlight your features with make-up colour palette selections perfectly aligned with your new colour discoveries.
  • Colour Palette Exploration: Together, Edith´ll navigate through your colour spectrum, refining it to showcase the most flattering hues for your current self.

A New Chapter in Colour:

For individuals, if your colouring has changed dramatically, you will be able to purchase a complete new wallet of 42 colours.

Reach out to book your colour refresh consultation and radiance shine from within.

Duration: 60 minutes in-person meeting 

Send Edith a message to set up a free consultation to discuss option, price and service.

*Please note that prices for consultations can vary depending upon various factors such as location or specific requests.


Call or WhatsApp to book

+34 600 696 508