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Madrid : Personal Branding, Business professional dress code, and Corporate Portrait Photography


Edith knows that a professional corporate headshot is an essential element when presenting the best version of yourself. She wants to know your goals, listen to your words and guide you towards success.

Personal branding is an essential subject for any professional person. And a well-presented business image plays a critical role in allowing you to stand out, be heard, get recognised and make an impact on your life. Your professional brand photo will influence how others perceive you and your business. Nowadays your social media picture is your brand advertising tool and knowing how to strategically create a strong presence is a smart consideration in your career journey. With the right image, people will naturally want to collaborate with you, it will attract the right audience and inspire trust in you because of what they see. 



corporate portrait photography
corporate portrait photography
corporate portrait photography
Before and after Makeover


For Men

  • 1 look / outfit (formal or  informal)
  • 30-mins phone consultation on wardrobe and styling advice (once)

How it works: The photoshoot day 

  • 1 hour photo session in a studio
  • Professional hair styling and grooming
  • 2 professionally retouched images
  • 3 digital copies in high resolution
  • 3 digital copies in a web-friendly format

For Women

  • 2 looks / outfits (formal and smart casual)
  • 30-mins phone consultation on wardrobe and styling (once)

How it works: The photoshoot day 

  • 2-hours photo session time in a studio
  • Professional make-up and hair
  • 5 professionally retouched images in high resolution and 5 web-friendly format

Ready for a makeover and photo session?

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  • Because Edith has 20 years’ professional experience working with the top brands and companies.
  • She has an international team, based in Madrid

Who is it for?

  • If you haven’t had a professional headshot taken recently
  • If you need to create or improve your personal brand
  • If you need advice to rebrand your personal or professional brand image
  • Because you want to stand out, get recognised, be heard and making an impact in your personal and professional life
  • Because you want to attract more business professionals to work together when you have strong personal brand image and successful track record
  • If you are an entrepreneur who needs to present yourself in a professional way
  • You want to work with the best image consultant and photographer
Before and after Makeover
Before and after Makeover
Style tips


Contact Edith to book your free 15 min consultation call or email: [email protected]
WhatsApp +34 600 696 508 for service inquiries and a guide to prices.