In both a personal and professional sense, branding has never been more important. On average, it takes only 7 seconds for a first impression to form, with verbal communication, body language and physical appearance projecting ‘brand you’ to each person you meet. It takes even less time on digital platforms where your website design, professional LinkedIn photo or Instagram page immediately signal the type of brand or person you are.

Personal branding is all about developing your persona, which can then be used to relay what you communicate, from your personality to your core values and principles. Karlie Kloss told Vogue in an interview how being authentic is the most important thing about building a personal brand.

So how can an image consultant assist? By helping you discover who you want to be. By celebrating the qualities that are authentic and unique to you, that represent your skills, morals and purpose, an image consultant will aid you in communicating your message. 

You might have found that your views and values are getting lost in translation and are unsure of how to make them clearer to your audience. Or you might be feeling less confident in your personal image, which, subconsciously, is having a roll-on effect to your personal brand.

Your image needs to:

  • Instantly define who you are, what you stand for and what you can offer
  • Instil confidence in your brand to each person you meet
  • Set you apart from your competition
  • Reflect your lifestyle and personality in the correct styles
  • Inspire confidence in your own self to communicate effortlessly your unique values

Edith Chan Image Consultant

Clothes should reflect the best version of you so you can show up in the best possible way for success. It’s not just celebrities, politicians and entrepreneurs that hire an image consultant, and throughout this blog, I’ll be revealing the 4 key ways that an image consultant like me can help to transform your personal brand.



Having worked with numerous prestigious companies, celebrities, corporations and magazines, I know that a successful image facilitates effective branding. 

From the right hair and make-up to a considered and curated approach to styling, I use experience garnered from almost 20 years in the industry to help my clients be the best they can be.  From Shangri-La Luxury Hotels, Cartier, and HSBC to name a few, I have experienced working with a wealth of clients from different industries, which can be used as an advantage to help consult on how each individual should present themselves.

This first-hand experience, teamed with technical knowledge gained from studying Image and Fashion at the London College of Fashion, Central Saint Martins and the Colour Me Beautiful Image Consultant Training Academy, inform the advice shared with each client to ensure it is timely and relevant to each individual situation.



Reading advice online or in books is a great place to start when considering your personal brand development, but it can be generic and lack guidance to suit your individual needs. It is at this point when investing in an image consultant is essential, in order to take your style and personal brand message to the next level. As part of my role as an image consultant, I offer one-to-one sessions, consulting on colour, style, shopping and hair and make-up, to help transform your image and find a new you. 

The importance of authenticity in branding and finding your unique elements that can shine through your image is something that we can work on together as part of the image consultancy process. 

I provide each of my clients with a detailed questionnaire form and preliminary phone consultation prior to our meeting, in order to research and identify the needs of each individual and make the process as effortless as possible. There is no one size fits all for everyone when it comes to personal style, and through consulting your image you will learn to dress stylishly and confidently for your lifestyle and personality.



Once established both professionally and personally, it is easy to fall into the trap of perceiving ourselves in a certain way, and it can be difficult to step back and witness how others see us. By employing an image consultant, you are opening yourself up to new ideas that may have been dismissed before, in order to maximise the success of your personal image. 

We are all guilty of getting stuck in a style rut – keeping to our comfort zones and reaching for colours, fabrics and designs that we may have an emotional attachment to for a reason we may not be consciously aware of. As an outsider, I can step back from these emotional constraints and identify how the person you want to be can be brought to life through the style decisions that will inform your personal image. I can identify the clothes that not only suit your body shape and skin tone, but that will also convey strength, confidence and numerous other traits that may be vital in immediately establishing your brand from an initial meeting. 

Fresh eyes will distinguish what works and what is better left behind in order to develop your personal image according to your brand message, values and aims.



A well-presented professional image will play a critical role in allowing you to stand out, be recognised and make an impact on your life. Whether you are representing a wider brand or focusing on ‘brand you’, it is important that when you are flying solo your message is conveyed. 

As part of my consultancy, I leave clients with knowledge that they can take away with them and utilise in the future. For a colour consultation, you will receive full make-up in colours that complement your skin tone and features, as well as a list of suitable make-up shades. Clients who experience personal shopping will leave with an abundance of helpful hints and tips on how to shop effectively when alone, a colour analysis chart to keep plus ongoing support after your shopping experience.  

It is impossible to ignore the importance of your personal brand on a professional platform, with a strong and smart online presence vital in attracting the correct audience and helping others inspire trust in you based on what they see. Strategically creating a persona that is on-brand with your coveted personal image will help to improve communication on both a corporate and creative level, instilling confidence in yourself offline too.


Ultimately, when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, it shows. An outfit is only half of your whole image, so by building your confidence and working out what suits your brand identity, I can help you reach new levels of success to define and cement your personal branding.

Still unsure if you want to transform your personal brand? Read about some experiences from people I have worked with in the past and let them explain how developing their personal brand has helped them.