Candice - Learning to wear make-up

Candice - Developing a make-up routine

Learning wear makeup

This is a guest post from Candice on learning to wear make-up and developing a make-up routine

Why is important learning to wear makeup? Last week, I talked about how Edith helped me choose clothes that go beyond black with her colour consultation, and how she cut my hair to make it more manageable and more professional. Today, I’m going to talk about how she helped me develop a makeup routine.

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The first time I tried to put on makeup, I must have been 12. I went to my mom’s bathroom and came out with powder blue eye shadow caked on right up to my eyebrows, bright pink lipstick smudged beyond the borders of my lips and hot pink cheeks (clearly, I was a child of the ‘80s). My mother took one look at me and started laughing hysterically.

I was mortified, and it took years for me to even consider putting on makeup again. By my late teens I had finally become a mascara convert, but that’s as far as I went. Foundation felt icky; lipstick, garish; eye shadow, excessive.

My makeup goal was to find a simple daily routine that I could apply to look more professional in the office, and to give me an extra oomph when I’m going out.
One afternoon, Edith coached me through the basics.

With my blond hair and light skin with some warm and pink tones, Edith explained that I should go with neutral tones rather than bright colours. Together we went shopping and Edith taught me how to choose quality makeup that would suite my skin tone and survive throughout the day. Since I’m in my early 30s and I spend a lot of time cycling outside, we also discussed skin care.


Edith recommended a tinted fluid 50+ sunscreen from La Roche-Posay to use after I’ve applied my normal daily skin cream. It’s very light, it’s tinted so it sort of evens out my skin tone, and it gives me the protection I need when I’m cycling every day.


I still won’t use foundation on a daily basis, but Edith applied some for our photoshoot. It was really light and I didn’t even notice it once it was on. She used Colour Me Beautiful Foundation in Oyster Colour. It diffuses light and shadows so it’s great if you’re planning to spend time in front of a camera. I might use this for extra special occasions.


Edith recommended MAC prolong wear concealer. I now use it on some mornings, when I feel as though I need to lighten up my eyes a little. It also helps to fix eye shadow so it stays on all day.


Edith recommended Le Crayon Khol from MAC, an intense eye pencil in Ambre, which is a dark brown tone. I’ve always wanted to learn how to apply eyeliner, so Edith sat me down and we practiced together until I could get it right. I only wear this if I’m going out at night.


Edith recommended a kit with one light, one medium, a darker brown and an olive tone. She showed me how to apply the lightest shade just under my brows and throughout the lid, and then the darker shades closer to the crease in my eye. I’ve learned to apply this with different intensities so I can go really smoky if I’m going out at night, or just add a touch of colour for days at the office.


I have blond eyebrows and they can be a little patchy in places. Edith showed me how to use my eyeshadow and my eyeliner to fill in my brows so that they stand out and better frame my face.


I generally don’t wear lipstick, but Edith and I went through an entire selection of lipsticks at a store to settle on some light, natural pink tones that work with my complexion. My mother-in-law gave me a beautiful light pink from Yves Saint Laurent that I really like called “Rouge Pure Couture”. I use it rarely but it’s a nice touch when I’m going out.

How my routine changed:

Aside from figuring out what I should use, the trickiest part was learning how to apply it all. Edith is incredibly knowledgeable about skin care and makeup quality and fantastically patient and funny. I came into this whole experience sort of reticent and anxious because I’ve always been concerned that putting on makeup, I wouldn’t look like myself.

With Edith’s help, I was able to learn a really quick and easy routine that takes me just 15 minutes a day (maybe 20 if I’m trying to put on eyeliner—damn it’s hard!).

Edith sat with me in front of a mirror and coached me through each item I was using until I was happy with the outcome and comfortable doing it myself. Most importantly, she never made me feel silly or awkward, which is always how I feel trying to put on makeup in front of another woman.

Now, when I have makeup on, I feel as though I still look like myself, just a slightly more polished version. I feel great and I have to say, I’ve definitely been getting compliments from colleagues at work. People keep telling me, “You look great!” are you doing something different?

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Candice - before & after, learning to wear make-up