How to avoid dressing like a mom in the office


How to avoid dressing like a mom in the office

For a professional working mums, finding the balance between dressing for work and for off-work is an art. It requires some understanding of yourself and what you want to achieve as your career goal. I am going to sum up my best advice and I hope this will give you help and guidance on how to build your business workwear while still looking smart.


1 ) Dressing for your shape and your colouring

Not having a dress code in the office makes it very tempting to reach for an outfit that could do double duty for going to the park after work. In my experience styling working mums, I find that their preference is to wear loose clothing to cover up the imperfect parts of their bodies. But if you want to avoid dressing like a mom, understanding your body shape, colouring and style personality will help you to build your ideal smart business workwear confidently. Because you know exactly what fits or doesn’t fit you.


2) You can’t go wrong by dressing smart 

Business smart casual is a somewhat ambiguous dress code that calls for polished yet relaxed attire. As such, nailing the perfect look requires balance. When dressing for work with this dress code, try to pick pieces that appear elegant but are also comfortable. Dressing up sends a message that the employees are professional and serious about their work.


3) Deciding how casual you can be

Most of us have a good sense of what “casual” or “smart casual” work clothes is. In a casual clothing setting, you can wear almost anything you’d like and it tends to be less expensive, so long as it isn’t distasteful. In a smart casual setting, you’ll want to have a nice pair of jeans and maybe a nice blouse with proper hair and make-up done. I always recommend wearing a good basic pair of heels or flats in black or nude that don’t kill your feet.


4) Know your office culture

Your choice of clothes says more about your brand than you realize. How you dress represents your personal brand image, and first impressions are significantly important. My tip is to look at what your boss and other successful employees wear to work. Your observations will determine the proper and expected smart casual attire for your particular workplace.


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