Hair and make-up Makeover: Natasha new look Hair and make-up Makeover: Natasha new look

Edith Chan Image Consulting: Before and After Makeover (Natasha’s New Look and New Style)

I am so excited to invite Natasha (mother and business owner) to write her “BACK TO ME MAKEOVER” experience. Following article is about the before and after makeover journey which I helped Natasha to create new look and new style for her Linkedin and website photos. Services include colour consultation, body shape analysis, hair & make-up and photography session.

A guest blog post from Natasha:

My mum is a fashion diva, is amazing with colours and loves shopping. Somehow I missed out on all of those genes. Through a very good friend, I did a group on-line style course a few years ago and I learnt a lot more about style and what suited my body but it still didn’t come naturally to me, especially using colour and be a bit more daring with my style.

I was designing my website and I knew I needed to get some up to date photos done and they needed to be professional. I had been impressed with the before and after photos that I had seen Edith Chan post in the IWB Facebook group and her image consultant reviews were excellent. We coincidently met through a mutual friend and talked.

After 10 minutes, I had decided, I needed Edith to come and live with me but given that wasn’t possible, I decided to do the Back to Me session with her which would give me the confidence to hopefully shine in front of the camera.

It includes:

  • A colour session
  • Body shape analysis
  • Hair and make-up session and
  • an optional photo session

Hair and make-up Makeover: Natasha new look

Colour Consultation

Edith is full of life and energy and she made me feel very comfortable from the outset. Our first session was to look at my colours. It was fascinating and gave me a much clearer understanding of what suits me and why. We also talked about how to mix colours which was the area I lacked the most confidence in. However, it was my body shape session that really was a game changer for me. I am very curvy and when the boob fairy was dishing them out, I think she had one too many glasses of fairy dust and made one too many deliveries.

Body Shape Consultation

Being an hour glass, I have read a million times how a belt can cinch in the waist. I have bought 20 belts and each time I thought that the belt was wrong. Edith measured all the different parts of my body to show me what type of styles suit my body shape. It turns out that I have a really small space between my boobs and my waist – who knew! So belts are a no for me. Edith gave me so many ideas of styles that work for my body.

Edith Chan Before and after makover

Photography Session

I have always felt VERY uncomfortable in front of the camera so I was nervous but the photo shoot was an amazing experience. The session was organised at the photographer’s apartment where he had his studio. Aaron was friendly, open and funny which really helped me relax. I had already talked to Edith about my two styles and I had sent her photos so she could think through my makeup and the style of the photos.

On the day, Edith cut and styled my hair and then did my make-up. I got dressed and stood awkwardly in front of the camera. Aaron talked, cajoled and then the magic happened. I felt so great, relaxed and dare I say beautiful. I left on a high feeling strong and confident.

Aaron sent me through the photos to choose from and Edith helped me choose the best ones. Aaron made some edits and poof – I had some amazing photos for my website, Linkedin and social media.

It was an amazing experience and my next step is to use Edith’s personal shopping service. I feel she is able to see me but just a more sparkly more daring version that I want to see more often.

Professional Photos was taken by Aaron Jean : Aaron Jean Photography Studio

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